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Food Sanitation Program

foodModoc County Environmental Health is responsible for inspecting approximately 90 food facilities for compliance with State retail food laws. This includes markets, bars, mini-marts, liquor stores, mobile food facilities, bed & breakfast facilities, caterers, and general retail stores that sell food. Inspections are done on a routine or complaint basis. Written inspection reports are issued to the owner/operator of the retail food facility. Current inspection reports can be viewed upon request at the food facility or the Environmental Health Department. Those retail food facilities that meet minimum State are issued a Permit to Operate. In addition, temporary food facilities are also inspected at fairs and large community events. Wholesale food establishments are inspected by State or Federal Agencies.

Modoc County Environmental Health staff also review plans for new construction of re-models of food establishments. After plan review, site inspection are made to insure that food facilites are constructed so as to be in compliance with State retail food laws.