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Medical Waste Program

biohazardThe Environmental Health Department is the local enforcement agency for Division 104, Part 14 of the Health & Safety Code, Medical Waste Management Act, and Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations. The Medical Waste Management Act is intended to regulate the proper treatment and disposal of medical waste (i.e., sharps, biohazardous waste). Any business which generates or treats medical waste on-site will need to apply and obtain a permit to operate from the Environmental Health Department. The business must also submit a medical waste management plan which specifies type of facility, type of medical waste generated, amount of waste generated, storage of medical waste, disinfection procedures for the treatment of medical waste, name of registered waste hauler, and emergency treatment plan. Fees are based on the type of facility and collected annually. Inspections are made once a year.

There are approximately 8 facilities in Modoc County that meet the volume or treatment requirements to require permitting under the Act.